Top 10 Most Spectacular and Scariest Cemeteries in the World

By Brenda Clarke

For a very long time cemeteries have held the secrets of numerous terrifying and unexplained stories. The dead’s final resting is always covered by veil of mystery. It continuously tends to make people experience reverence as well as uprush of superstitious horror. Each and every location has a cemetery, each of which causes a bunch of the most astonishing and unbelievable stories that curdle the blood by its hideous.

Find below Top 10 Most Spectacular and Scariest Cemeteries in the World 

10. Prazeres Cemetery - Lisbon

By frkaczik

  After the city of Lisbon was strike by an epidemic of cholera in 1833, resulting into a large number of deaths, it had become unexpected emergency to build a huge cemetery for victims. It possesses the strange name of Cemetery of ‘Pleasures’, called after the close by neighborhood (Prazeres) with similar name.

At the time you enter the cemetery the noise of the city fades along with the tranquility overwhelms you with a scary ambiance. You just imagine yourself stepping in a past hundred years.
A lot of the mausoleums are richly elaborated, have fine sculptures as well as decorations with statues of the deceased. It’s  really like a ‘city in a city’ for the dead, with funerary chapels that had been designed to appear like little houses.

The unusual about a majority of these graves is the fact that they have tiny “front doors” with glass windows through which you can view the caskets together with remnants of the dead.
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