Top 10 Best Educational Animal Websites for Kids

While kids be familiar with animals, additionally they learn about habitats, food chains, as well as the ecosystem. Kids may like to find out about their favorite animals, parents and teachers may also recommend them to new animals. When teaching kids about new animals, it will help to concentrate on a certain environment or kind of animal. As an illustration, kids may learn information about animals of the rainforest or about desert animals. Some of the websites listed below may arrange animals by category. They also contain attractive content articles, great videos, and also interactive games which are designed to make learning about animals so much fun.

Here are our Top 10 Educational Websites for Kids to learn about Animals.

1. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids introduces children to animals, cultures and various countries by using online games and interactive fun-based activities. Kids are also able to see real-life photographsof animals, look after National Geographic videos as well as notice up on the most recent environmental information. National Geographic Kids is an excellent website to be used in the class-room as well.

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2. Sheppardsoftware

Sheppard Software presents a complete category on animals. This website subsection comes with simple fact data files, entertaining presentations as well as more knowledge about animals and their habitats. Your kids are also going to discover fun online games and simulations associated with animals to enable them to have a great time while learning and understanding about different animals on this planet.

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3. MongaBay - Rainforest Information for Kids is among the world's most popular environmental science and also conservation information websites. The news and rainforests sections of the website are generally cited for information on tropical forests, conservation, and animals. goals to increase interest in wildlife and also wildlands while promoting awareness of environmental concerns. Take photo tours of rainforests, found out the most recent rainforest information and also discover all about life in the rainforest. The website also provides interviews with rainforest researchers, sources of information for teachers and tips about how to save the rainforest. This website also comes in versions for kids education and learning along with more than two dozen non-English languages.

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4. National Wildlife Federation for Kids

Understand all about wildlife through this learning resource from the National Wildlife Federation. Take a look at an example of content articles present in the website's collection of magazines such as Ranger Rick and Big Backyard. Find out unique facts relating to animals and find crafts to create. To get more enjoyment, check out the website’s selection of mobile phone applications readily available for kids.

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5. Kids Planet

Kids’ Planet, from Defenders of the Wild, features online games as well as other activities to encourage kids understand more about animals, habitats and wildlife conservation. Make sure that you turn your sound on when you check out the website to hear the animals sounds in the back-ground. Resources are also available to support teachers make use of this website in their classrooms.

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6. Kidscom - Animals of the World

Chat, enjoy animal online games and find pen pals within this entertaining site from Games are arranged by type of animal (mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians etc.) including basic information regarding the various animal types. You can sign up for the website to generate points and KidsKash to gain access to a lot more resources.

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7. Enchanted Learning - Names of Animals

Enchanted Learning’s section Names of Animals, Babies and Groups provides precisely what the title states. A great chart consist of various animals as well as their names. You can simply click an animal’s name to discover an information associated with that animal.

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8. Animal Fact Guide

Kids can gain knowledge of interesting and endangered animals from all over the world. Each fact sheet features an animal’s physical characteristics, habitat (with a distribution map), eating habits, reproduction patterns, unique traits and behavior, and when applicable, conservation and tips. A section called Fun Stuff page is accessible for download FREE animal coloring pages, word searches, and mazes. Teacher Tools page are created to help students focus on a variety of skills while they learn about animals.

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9. Frogland - All About Frogs

This is exactly the website to take a look at if your kids love frogs. Discover weird and true facts relating to frogs and toads, learn about taking care of frogs and check out the frog of the month. Teachers Corner is provided with ideas for classroom activities. This page is dedicated to dealing with some of these issues in the expectations that teachers can get tips on how to integrate Internet use into classroom activities.

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10. Exploring Nature

A natural science recommendation website for students and educators. Databases for younger kids include fun mazes and habitats. This website will help educators with information about how to bring naturalists to your school for visits, activities, nature trails and a science store from which to order materials.

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