Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the world 1

5. Lotus

In ancient Egypt, lotus found growing on the edge of the Nile. Egyptian Pharaonic era glorifies lotus, so the flowers, fruit, and leaf petal motif used in ancient Egyptian temple architecture.

By David A
By Jennifer Gaillard
By Manish Prabhune
By Slices of Light

Lotus Flowers at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. By Ryan Somma

By Bridget Coila
By Manfred D
By Jeremy Sorrells
By Chris Gladis


Cactus began to be cultivated as an ornamental plant in the early 1800s. The Genus has a diverse flower shapes and rare plants were sold for very high prices in the past.  At the end of the 1800s, the collectors from Europe switched to orchids, and cactus becoming less popular.

By Don Graham
By Maxo

Rebutia vasqueziana alba, By Lourdes

By McKay Savage
By 305 Seahill

3. Tulip

In ancient Persian poets, giving a red or yellow tulip was a declaration of love, and the black color flower center is representing a heart burned by passion.

By Jina Lee
By David Wright
By Sakurai Midori
By Jan Ramroth

By GoToVan

By Col Ford & Natasha
By Ann Althouse
By kanegen
By Liz west

2. Orchid

Orchid is known as a popular ornamental plant that flowers utilized. Orchid flowers are very beautiful and almost unlimited variations.
Orchids are often used as a symbol of love, luxury, and beauty

By Guillaume Paumier
By Marilyn Peddle
By Hindrik Sijens
By likeaduck

Orchid festival, Princess of Wales Conservatory, Kew Gardens, By Heather Cowper

By LadyDragonfly
By Thegreenj
By Ong
By Choo Yut Shing

1. Rose

Rose must be The Most Beautiful Flower in this world. In Western culture, the rose is the emblem of love and beauty. Roses are considered sacred to some god in Greek mythology, such as Isis and Aphrodite.

By Noumenon
By Huhu Uet
By Ryan Somma
By Tanaka Juuyoh

By Valdiney Pimenta

By Georges Seguin
By Huhu Uet
By Anna reg
By T.Kiya

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