Top 10 Most Exotic Flowers in the world 2

There are so many beautiful kinds of exotic flowers. But only some among them who deserve to be called the most exotic flower.

Find below The Top 10 List of Most Exotic Flowers in the world.

10. Etlingera 

The Etlingera are commonly known as “Torch Ginger” in the floral world. They are native to India, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and several Pacific Islands, predominantly close to the equator between sea level and 2500 metres. Etlingera have long flower stems and thick, waxy, brightly colored bracts. Some of the larger plants have leafy shoots reaching almost 10 metres high.

Etlingera corneri - Siam Roses, By Brocken Inaglory

By Joan Simon
By Nicomans

9. Epiphyllum

This Central America native plant is known for its beautiful and fragrant flower. Flowers of Epiphyllum are white, sometimes with yellow or pink sepals. Most of Epiphyllum flowers are nocturnal or night blooming, and they bloom for a single night only.

Epiphyllum var. Madras Ribbon, By Prenn

By Tobias Steinhoff
By Eddie

8. Dicentra or Bleeding Hearts

Dicentra is native to Eastern Asia and North America. Dicentra Flowers have two tiny sepals and four petals. The flowers are bisymmetric, heart shaped with a single dangling pendulous drop. In their natural habitat Dicentra trees found in moist soils in the cool margins of woodlands.

Bleeding Hearts, By Geert Orye

By Jason Hollinger
By Liz West

7. Clerodendrum

Clerodendrum is native to tropical and warm moderate region of the world, most of them grow in tropical Africa and southern Asia, a few in the tropical Americas and northern Australasia and a few extending north into the moderate zone in eastern Asia.

Let it shine .., By Jaqqy

By Nicolas Lannuzel
By 영철 이

6. Prunus or Cherry Blossom

Prunus flower also known as Cherry Blossom and sometimes called Sakura. Prunus flowers are usually white to pink, sometimes red, with five petals and five sepals. Cherry Blossom is native to East Asia region with heavy populations in China, Korea and Japan. Cherry blossom trees were introduced to the United States in 1912 as a gift from the mayor of Tokyo to nourish the growing diplomatic relations.

By Dominic Alves

By t-mizo
By Mark Kent

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