Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the world 2

No matter what the reason or occasion might be, Flowers say it the best. They are the best way to express our feelings and to make your loved ones feel special.

Below are Top 10 List of The Most Beautiful Flowers in the world. 


10. Calla Lily

Calla Lily is native to Southern Africa, a very popular flower for indoor plants and bouquets.

Field of Calla Lilies,By Carrie Kellenberger

By anoldent
By Tracie Hall
By tanakawho
By anoldent

9. Plumeria

Plumeria or Frangipani flowers have a distinctive fragrance, with a crown of white to purplish red, usually five strands. This Native America Continent plant now is a common plant in the southeastern Asia. Local folk beliefs that the aroma of the Plumeria has been associated with ghosts and demons, frangipani trees are often planted in the cemetery.

By Hafiz Issadeen
By Daniel Ramirez
By Zachi Evenor
By Hafiz Issadeen

By Ron Jones

By Daniel Ramirez
By Bert Kimura
By Forest and Kim Starr
By Forest and Kim Starr

8. Gazania

Gazania has a very cheerful and beautiful flower.
This native Southern Africa plant flowers is available in several colors ranging from dark red to orange and yellow, and pink and cream. They are often planted as drought-tolerant groundcover.

By Sam Oth
By Alvesgaspar
By Marcia Berkowitz
By Callipides

By Americo Lucchi

By Manu
By Keith Williamson
By Tiago Fernandes
By Jeff Turner

7. Dahlia

Dahlia is native mainly in Central America, Mexico, and Colombia. Most of the varieties of Dahlia plants produce flowers whose color bright and dazzling, that's why Dahlia is an important commodity for flower industry and potted plants.

By F.D.Richards
By F.D.Richards
By F.D.Richards
By F.D.Richards

Dahlia'Snoho Beauty, By F.D.Richards

By William Warby
By William Warby
By F.D.Richards
By Steve

6. Stargazer

Stargazer is a hybrid lily of the oriental group which is famous by  fragrance and bloom in mid to late summer. Stargazer is very easy to grow and will grow best when exposed to full sunlight.
Lily Arrangements

By MAClarke21
By Sergey Urzhumskov
By Rich Hubbard
By Brian Turner

Surround Color,By Weaselmcfee

By Gordon Bell
By Daryl Mitchell
By Douglas Sprott
By Dominic Salvucci

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